Snapshots versus Photographs

As many of my friends and family know, I take a lot of photographs.  I also take snapshots.  What's the difference?

Jokusarlon Iceberg... this was huge

When I take photographs, I am considering lighting, composition and my subject.  I try to create an image that is something I think is memorable and worth looking at.  It may or may not have people.

Snapshots, in my opinion, are just images taken for the moment.  They are to remind you of some event or gathering.  They aren't for artistic purposes.  It doesn't make them less important, but with snapshots it is less critical that you have great composition and lighting.  It is the moment that makes them important.  

Snapshot in Toronto

Why is this important?  I think it provides some perspective on why one takes photos.  Not every shot needs to be the perfect portrait, some images are just friends getting together.  Sometimes a holiday vacation snapshot is simply to remind you of that great hotel room you booked, not an architectural digest of a room.  In this day and age of disposable everything, sometimes varying the quality level of is a great way to reflect the appropriate moment.  Not everything needs to be a work of art. 

Walking back to the car after going to FISEworld 2017

Sometimes I forget that when I should be taking a snapshot of some event to record something memorable that isn't particularly photogenic.  I sometimes don't want to take those photos because the light is poor or the local isn't great but realistically, that shouldn't prevent me from taking a snapshot to record the event.

In the end, just do what feels right for the moment but don't forget to record the moments of everyday life because that is where we live.