The Adventure Continues... British Leg

I left the sunny beautiful weather of Lisbon to arrive in London and.... rain.  Regardless, it was to be expected.  The adventure with my rental car was, however, unexpected. 

I got to the desk and was told to get on the shuttle.  On the shuttle, there was a screen with my name on it and it said to go to zone 1.  I asked the driver and he pointed me to zone 1.  I got there and there was no one around.  I found someone and he told me to pick a car and drive to the exit... which I did.  At the exit, they asked my name and id and then let me go.  No driver's license check, no discussion of insurance, no credit card.  I had to get going to make my hotel, so I left to get to Salisbury.  The car was not great and much of infotainment (radio) didn't work well.  That coupled with discovering the car could not lock when I left it was distressing. This was a car to travel a fair bit over a week with my elderly aunt, so I would need to get this resolved.  It took three different attempts to finally get resolution.  I called and went to voicemail hell... no luck.  I went to the local office and got the locks fixed... he couldn't/wouldn't do anything about the paperwork (said I was getting a free rental but couldn't change the car).  On a whim I sent an email to the general delivery mailbox.  This time I got resolution.  They sent me to the local office in Peterborough (where I was going) to get it resolved.  It took about 45 minutes, but I have a much better functioning car (Yay!).

Before changing cars, I visited Salisbury in the evening, Stonehenge in the morning, and Bournemouth in the evening.  Spent the day with my cousin Christopher going to a business to business touch rugby game and then Thai food.

The next day I made it to Peterborough and went to my cousin Callum's birthday party.  It was lovely.  It was great to see all my British cousins again.

A few photos from the last couple of days

Salisbury Cathedral - England's tallest spire


Seaside in Bournemouth

Old Pier