Home Again - Time to Reflect

I got to do a lot of travelling in the past month.  I visited Zurich (briefly), Portugal, England and Iceland.  I put on a whole lot of kilometers over three weeks with over 1200 km in each of England and Iceland.  The more ground I covered the more I realized/appreciated how much the small differences in where people live fundamentally affect in how people experience lives.  

I got to spend time with cousins I rarely see.  I really enjoyed their company and appreciated how wonderful they all were to me.  I am so fortunate to have such lovely relations.  Beyond the familial experiences, I realized that no matter where you are there are amazing things to see amd sometimes familiarity means we overlook those beautiful vistas. 

Even though I say that, Iceland really is something special.  It is at times hard to photograph some of the things that are easy to see but hard to reproduce (like staying in a hotel facing three separate glaciers.  Or how every few kilometers there is a new incredible glacier just right there.

On the Road, in the Sandur

Iceberg, 15 years in the making, in Jokulsarlon

Another broken piece of Glacier


Hidden waterall