The South Coast of Iceland

The final days of my trip are in Iceland.  I chose to go along the south coast.  I now know why Iceland was selected by Olympus as the location to showcase the camera that I use.  It is very well suited to this environment, particularly the weather sealing.  It has been raining lots.  The plane, the long walk involved horizontal sleet/rain with gale force winds (20m/s... not sure what that is in mph but seems like a lot... I could figure it out but I'm lazy)

I honestly can't pronounce any of the names in Icelandic.  I am currently near a town called Hofn (it is pronounce Hup).  This is an easy one, it is short.  I cannot figure out how to pronounce anything.

I got much farther than my last trip because I didn't just stay in Rekyavik but decided to try to get as far along the coast as possible to ensure I got to the iceberg lagoon at Jokulsarlon (missing a bunch of accents).  What I hadn't counted on is the rain.  Clouds definitely limit you ability to see these massive glaciers, but I can see enough.  It is truly amazing because everywhere is unbelievably gorgeous.  Only really another day before I start coming back to Canada.  It will be a long trip on Monday but the entire journey has been phenomenal.

Traditional Icelandic Church... this one is particularly old

Icelandic horses... really short

Gljufrabui - A hidden set of falls

Solheimansndur Plane Wreck ... supposedly secret... definitely the middle of nowhere

Reynisdrangur - Ill-fated trolls that got caught out in the sun

Reynisdrangur from the back at Dyrholaey

Jokulsarlon - The big iceberg calving lagoon