Arriving in Portugal

It's been a whirlwind past couple of days.  Today is Friday, I arrived on Wednesday.  Since then I drove in Lisbon (not recommended, public transportation is much easier), went to a funky restaurant in Barria Alto with one of my cousins, had bacalhau multiple times, lots of coffee, crossed the river Teju, almost got soaked by a giant wave from a cruise ship while snacking at a cafe (my cousin was not so luck), had a home cooked meal in Lisbon, drove to Coimbra, and now checked into an antique palace.

Lisbon from the air

Here are a few images from my trip...

The table we sat at before the wave from the Cruise ship took these tables out and soaked my cousin Lena... I was quicker and moved out of the way of the splash and only got my feet soaked.

Bacalhau con nata (this was really good)

University of Coimbra

Recent graduates

Curia Palace Hotel

The interior of Curia Palace Hotel