The Adventure day 1 or is it 2? Zurich

It has been a long day or is it two?  As I write this I am sitting in my hotel room in Zurich almost ready to leave to catch my plane to Lisbon.  I think I have sleep about 8 hours in the past two days, but I feel pretty good.

I left Edmonton Monday night on Iceland air and took off for Reykjavik on my way to Europe.  The plan is for an overnight stop off in Zurich before continuing on to Lisbon.  The flight was about 7 hours (after a late departure from Edmonton).  The transfer in Reykjavik was already pretty short (1 hour) but we arrived 45 minutes late.  By the time I got off the plane, I had 5 minutes to get through passport control and to my plane.  I could only hope my bag came along.

Getting off the plane, they gave me a quick transfer card, which put me at the front of the line at passport control.  Super quick, super efficient and I made my plane.  Each Icelandair plane is named after something significant.  Both planes I took were named after volcanos.

We got to Zurich and trying to figure out how to get to my hotel was a little tricky.  My hotel was in the old city right near the waterfront.  Not a great option for a taxi and I only had 50 swiss francs and didn't want to blow them all on a taxi that would cost 60 francs.  Fortunately I had my phone.  I searched how to get to downtown Zurich from the airport and boom!  Take a train.  Problem:  I can't read German (I think it is in German).  I take a guess, buy a ticket and hop on a train.  I had no idea if I was even going in the right direction.  I ended up at the right station, then had problems figuring out how to get out of the station.  Once was raining.

It was a 10 minute walk to my hotel.  So I did.  But first I quickly changed into my Sintra raincoat.  It is a little old but should work fine.  Apparently not.  I think I looked like a wet rat when I arrived at my supercool hotel.  Very old hotel that has been thoroughly modernized.  Pretty small room but perfect for what I need. 

Once I checked in, it took me a while to remember to put the room card in the holder to get electricity going in the room.  All good, all devices charged up.

I went out for dinner and well, that was spectacular.  The food here is very good.  it is also very convenient that everyone seems to be able to speak English.  I think I am spoiled.

Went for another walk in the rain at night.  Very pretty place.

I still got soaked.  But the pictures were worth it.  Need to get ready to get to Lisbon.....

Ciao for now