An Adventure Begins

Life is craziest when adventure begins.

After 11 years of not making the playoffs, the OIlers decided to play well this year and make it to the second round. In this context, I booked a trip to a family reunion in Portugal for bunch of my portuguese relatives. It sounded like a great idea... it still is, but it couldn't come at a more difficult time.

Well, I will miss the playoffs, but will try to get updates as things go.  Hopefully they go far.  I think I would be back for the finals.  ;-)

I am going alone (it was too complicated to get our family there) and I am going to be away from my family for three weeks.  Away from my bride for the longest period since we married. 


Last week I was in Montreal, just before that, I was in Victoria.  I have getting around but in the next three weeks I will be in 4 countries with very different climates.  It should be fun.  I will try to post what's up on my blog.

I hope to get some great photos in the process.