Hanging out in Victoria

My wife and I got a chance to spend a weekend away without our kid.  It was a nice (but too short) break.  I really enjoyed getting to spend some grown up time alone with my best friend.  She picked the hotel and it was right on Laurel point, so we had great views of the harbour.  The weather was warm and it was invigorating to be hanging out by the water.

The Victoria Skyline at Night

The water in the harbour was so still you could really get amazing reflections of all the colours in the water. 

Earlier in the day we went out on a whale watching tour and hung out with a pod of transient Orcas in the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  They seemed pretty unconcerned about the whale watchers. 

A pair of frisky Orca's

Apparently in the morning they had hung out near the shore eating (and playing) with seals.  These guys could really motor.  It was great trying out the pro-capture feature of my Olympus OMD EM1 mkii.  It starts taking photos as soon as you start to touch the shutter button (before you push it down all the way).  The other thing was the auto focus is nothing short of amazing.