Remembering Callie

Pets add so much to our lives. With dogs in particular but also with cats, their unconditional love fills our hearts during their brief time on our planet. 

They add so much to our lives but ask for so little in return.  They are always at the door ready to greet their owner's return.  They love any attention you provide.  It has been clinically shown that simply petting a dog will reduce people's stress and make people feel better.  This is why there are therapy dogs.

Unfortunately, dogs (and cats) live significantly shorter lives than us.  This means that our time with them is limited.  Although this means that inevitably we will be saying goodbye to our furry friends from time to time, we also get to meet new furry companions.  As a pet photographer it is my privilege to photograph these lifelong companions, both in the beginnings of their lives with us but also in particular when their time is nearing an end.

A close friend of mine recently lost her companion of many years.  Callie was 15 years old and had been suffering in recent years.  I was able to photograph her shortly before she passed. 

Callie... gone but not forgotten

She was loved and will always be remembered...