An new blog start....

After long last I have decided to launch a new website with a blog, to showcase my paid work and personal images.  I wanted to be able to provide regular updates of my adventures in photography for anyone who is interested.

A rare selfie

As a backstory, for those that don't know me or don't know much about me, I am a forensic engineer and business man based out of Edmonton, Alberta in Canada.  I founded Sintra Engineering in 1997 and that has been my full time occupation. 

I came to photography from both a "growing up" perspective and a technical approach to the equipment used.  My father and his best friend both were avid photographers in the 70's so I had a lot of exposure to great photographs of our family and friend.  My dad's best friend Joaquim Ferreira (my uncle Kiki) is an exceptional photographer and I don't think I appreciated how good his images were until I attempted to replicate some of them.  As a forensic engineer, a great deal of my work involved the technical documentation of different types of catastrophic events.  As an engineer, I learned how to use the technical equipment well, but this work would not be considered creative but more documentary.

While I fancied myself a good photographer but I was really just a good operator of camera equipment, as my creative images were never quite right.  This caused me to set out on an exploration of learning how to become creative (this can be hard for an engineer). 

Over the years I think I have figured out my creative style and general approach.  I also have two passions in photography (pets/people) and the photography of landscapes.  I love capturing the character of people and pets as individuals.  I have a pretty easygoing style so it works well with pets, but it also turns out it works well with people.  As for landscapes, I don't restrict it to nature because there are lots of urban landscapes as well.  When I travel, which I love to do, I try to capture as many moments as possible to convey the feeling the places I travel to.  I will, however, try any type of photography at least once (except maybe street photography.... I am still trying to figure that one out)

Well, the intent is to make this a regular blog, so I will start with my backstory and then provide regular updates on what I am doing.  I hope you join me for the ride.